Themes and Challenges

The project will last for four years, beginning in August 2013.

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Landscapes of Leisure

Landscapes of Leisure will investigate changes in the use and accessibility of the landscape. Today’s landscape, the patterns of tracks, fields and boundaries, woodlands and parks, holds many clues to the way in which the area was used by its … Continue reading

WW1 Rothley_Crime and Conflict

Crime and Conflict

Crime and Conflict will probe the dark side of Charnwood’s history: theft, corruption and violence. We will explore how successive conflicts, local and national, have been played out in Charnwood, from disputes between villages, poaching, the fierce resistance which met … Continue reading


Building Communities

Building Communities will investigate the social and cultural transformations brought about by the movement of people from the earliest settlements to the large and diverse communities that have developed in this area since the 1960s. We will track the developments … Continue reading


Working Lives

Working lives will explore how Charnwood’s landscape supported and was shaped by successive generations of local people. It will examine the work of miners, quarrymen, farmers who struggled to cultivate Charnwood’s poor rocky soils, monastic communities who found new ways … Continue reading