Anstey’s big dig

Anstey’s residents can get hands-on experience taking part in a major project exploring the rich history of Charnwood Forest.

We’re exploring how people have lived, worked and enjoyed this unique part of Leicestershire across the centuries; from pre-history through to modern day.

And as part of the Festival of British Archaeology (July 12th to July 27th), we’ll be holding a number of events around Charnwood Forest to give local people a chance to take part in some hands on archaeology.

The biggest event will be a community dig in Anstey, where early history remains something of a mystery.

There are clues waiting to be discovered in back gardens around the village. Beneath the earth are objects left behind by the people who lived in Anstey hundreds, even thousands of years ago.

This evidence can be pieced together to help us understand what was happening in Anstey in ancient and medieval times and will allow us to build up a picture of how the village developed in the period before we have written records.

The dig will be led by the Charnwood Roots team with help from archaeologists from the University of Leicester and local volunteers.

It’s a project that will unearth a few hidden stories and be a great opportunity to celebrate the many contributions Charnwood has made to the nation. We’re looking for 30 householders in Anstey who would be willing to let us dig a small test pit in their back garden, a hole just one metre square by one metre deep.

The dig is suitable for everyone. You can volunteer your garden for one of our 30 test pits, offer to help dig a test-pit elsewhere in the village, or help wash and process the finds. All training and equipment will be provided and no previous experience is necessary.

The dig will take place over the weekend of Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th July.