Building Communities

Building Communities will investigate the social and cultural transformations brought about by the movement of people from the earliest settlements to the large and diverse communities that have developed in this area since the 1960s. We will track the developments of Charnwood’s villages and the changing fortunes of their communities across the centuries.

In addition to this, we will be organising 3 community digs held over weekends in the summers of 2014, 2015 and 2016. If you have ever wanted to join an archaeological dig, now is your opportunity! Volunteers will be taught how to dig a test-pit and record their finds.

We will also be carrying out a programme of fieldwalking, Finds in the Fields. This will provide volunteers with training in how to record surface archaeological evidence from ploughed fields; the results of which will help us to understand more about the age and development of Charnwood’s villages.

Many early buildings still survive in Charnwood Forest. Oaks in Charnwood will train volunteers to identify, survey and record Charnwood’s timber-framed buildings. All of the survey data will be added to Leicestershire’s Historic Environment Record.