Landscapes of Leisure

Landscapes of Leisure will investigate changes in the use and accessibility of the landscape. Today’s landscape, the patterns of tracks, fields and boundaries, woodlands and parks, holds many clues to the way in which the area was used by its inhabitants in the past. We will explore the transformation of Charnwood’s landscape including recent changes which have created public green spaces for everyone to enjoy from areas which were formerly reserved as deer parks and hunting grounds for the wealthy.

Alongside face–to–face training workshops, there will also be an online course which will train volunteers to interpret maps, landscape features and place names.

Our archival research volunteers will be able to make use of documents from the Huntington Library in California, like this 1803 letter concerning parish boundaries in Charnwood.

Those preferring to be involved in fieldwork can volunteer for the Boundaries and Links landscape survey. This will involve surveying and recording earthworks, tracks, features and boundaries.